Eagle Scout Application Instructions

In order to help you understand the procedures used in processing an Eagle Scout application, we list the following for your information:

  1. When an Eagle Application is prepared, it must:
    1. Be neatly printed or typed—it is suggested you download it from www.nesa.org
    2. Be complete with every date and detail, including signatures
    3. Be complete with addresses and zip codes for all references
    4. Include the Life Board of Review and all Merit Badge completion dates, this is the date on the blue merit badge application, (month/day/year), not the court of honor date
    5. Include dates for leadership
    6. Be submitted with the "Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose" attached & your list of non-Scouting leadership positions.
    7. Be submitted with the completed Eagle Project Report attached, ideally with pictures for the Eagle Board of Review
    8. Contact your 5 references and ask them to send a letter of reference. You should give them an envelope addressed to:
          Viking Eagle Board of Review
          Knox Trail Council
          2 Mt. Royal Avenue, Suite 100
          Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752.
      You should put their name in the return address and put "Eagle recommendation for your name" in the lower left corner.
    9. Letter from the organization you did the project for stating that it was done to their satisfaction
    10. Be completed before your 18th birthday
  2. When you complete your application, your Scoutmaster must sign and date it, you must also have the signature of your troop Committee Chairman
  3. Note: The way you "List your full legal name" is how your name will appear on your Eagle certificate.
  4. As soon as the Eagle Application is received at the Council Office, it is checked for accuracy, please go over all the dates with your Scoutmaster or Troop Advancement chairman. After this process is completed the chairman of the Eagle Board will contact you to inform you of your Board of Review time. This process could take several weeks to months, depending on how complete and correct your application & write up are.
  5. Upon approval of the Eagle Board, the signed application is returned to the Council Office to be signed by the Scout Executive and is then transmitted to the National Office in Texas for final approval. This final approval takes 4 to 6 weeks. Presentation of the Eagle rank may not take place until the Eagle Scout credentials are received from the National office.
  6. Unit leaders should not set the date for the Eagle Court of Honor until after they are notified that the Eagle Certificate has been received in the Council Office.