How to Compile Your Eagle Paperwork Application & Final Project Report




Keep detailed records of your project – start to finish – record what you did and when, every time you work on your project – including your planning. These will aide you in completing the final report for your project.


When compiling your final Eagle Leadership Service Project Report, please place the report in the following order, in a 3 ring notebook. Using divider tabs is also a good idea.


Yellow, Eagle Scout Project Data Sheet from the Knox Trail Council (returned with your approved proposal)

  • This information is put into our Council Annual Report & Compendium of Eagle projects.


Eagle Application


The actual Eagle Scout Application. Please be sure to print clearly, or use the downloadable version from the National Eagle Scout Association website (NESA) Make sure you verify all dates with your unit’s Advancement person.


Requirement 6 on the application – Please provide your ambitions & list of activities & non-Scouting leadership service.


Eagle Scout Leadership Project


Project Proposal


The COMPLETE original "Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook" (including all pictures, diagrams, maps, signatures, etc.)


Letter of Approval from your District Advancement Chair (Dave Helgeson, John Fortini or EJ Dotts)


Project Report, including:

Carrying out the Project, including:


  • Detailed list of YOUR hours – broken down EXACTLY as listed in the Project Workbook.

  • Complete list of all volunteers, the dates they worked and hours each day – see Project Workbook for format.

  • Total hours spent by everyone on your project (the total of the 2 items above)

  • A detailed list of all materials, equipment, supplies etc. used on your project, and their cost. Include a list of tools used on the project. You should include information on how the items were paid for, or if they were donated and by whom.

  • Changes to the original project plan

    Give an explanation as to why changes were made (see Project Workbook). Did the project follow the plan? If changes to the plan were made, explain why the changes were necessary.


  • After Photos – mounted and labeled - you may also have photos from during your project.

  • Signature Page for Completed Project – see Project Workbook



In what ways did you demonstrate leadership of others? Give examples of how you directed

the project rather than doing the work yourself.


Letter of Completion from Organization Representative stating the Project is completed to their satisfaction


Any Additional data you feel is important to your Project.


Do the Report to the very best of your ability. Be very detailed in all information. You will want to be able to look at it 20 to 30 years from now with your son and be proud of your work.


Knox Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America - Advancement Committee – March 2007