Eagle Award Court of Honor Countdown

Two to Three months in advance of Court of Honor:

  • Determine the location.
  • Check 2 or 3 possible venue dates with Scoutmaster John Fortini.
  • Make reservations for the location. Allow approximately 1 hour for ceremony, 1 hour for reception, plus set-up (1½ hours) and clean-up times. A Podium is needed in front of the gathering along with a table for awards. Three other tables are needed for cake/plates/forks, sweets/snacks, and beverages/cups.
  • Have the Scout and his parents meet with John Fortini to determine the format of the ceremony, to advise the Scout of his responsibility to select various people to handle particular aspects of the ceremony (Voice of Eagle, Presentation of Awards, etc.) and his minister for opening and/or closing, if so desired.
  • Obtain blank invitations from John Fortini.
  • Obtain mailing list of troop families (mailing labels) from the Advancement Coordinator.
  • Starting with the sample invitation (PDF / Word) draw up text for the invitation (with RSVP deadline set for one week before the Court of Honor).
  • The invitations are simple to print on your home computer. If unable to print the invitation yourself, use a print shop like Cameron Press. Staples and Kinkos do not do this kind of job.
  • Ask the scoutmaster for advice on how to email the troop an RSVP reminder 10 days before event. The troop tends to be slow to RSVP.

One month in advance of Court of Honor:

  • Mail invitations to troop families and to the Scout's family and friends.
  • Borrow the Eagle Court of Honor Tub from the troop to determine available paper goods (napkins, paper cups, paper plates, forks, and spoons) for the ceremony in order to purchase additional supplies, if needed. John needs to order these items 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the ceremony. The troop pays for them.
  • Families who will be attending the Court of Honor are asked to bring a plate of sweets or savories (finger food) for 1 or 2 dozen. The Troop Eagle Court Coordinator should ask them to help set up, keep the punch bowl full, and clean up. This allows the mother of the Eagle to ENJOY the day, visit with guests, and not worry if the punch bowl is full.
  • Refreshments:
    • Order sheet cake (your choice of flavor and design) from BJ's, Roche Bros., Costco, etc.
    • Other refreshments at the discretion and expense of the family: Cheese and crackers, Fruit, Crudites/dip, snack mix, etc. as well as balloons, centerpieces, or other decorations.
    • The Troop owns a punch bowl and ladle. A good recipe is 2 bottles of cranberry juice and 2 bottles of ginger ale, enough for 60 guests.
    • Other beverages can be offered: coffee or tea, soda, juice, and water, in addition to punch.

Day of Court of Honor:

Arrive 1½ hours before the start of the ceremony to set up chairs, tables, decorations, food items, etc. Prepare for more guests than those who RSVP'd (i.e. set up more chairs). Determine the main entrance to greet guests.

After Court of Honor

The Eagle Scout should send thank-you notes to the participants (food and/or ceremony).

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