Eagle Scout Letters of Reference



You should ask your references on your Eagle Application to write you a letter. Give them a copy of the information about an Eagle Scout on the attached sheets and a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.


You need letters from:

  • Your parents
  • A teacher, Guidance Counselor, or staff member at your school
  • A religious reference from someone at your place of worship

    If none, call John at the office for procedure.

  • An Employer , if you have one (or had one)
  • 2 other people, over 21, who know you well; they should not be relatives or from your home Troop.


The envelope should have the following:


In the upper left hand corner of the envelope:

The name and address of the person writing the letter.


In the lower left of the envelope:

The words: "Eagle recommendation for, ___YOUR NAME____



If you are in the Viking District :

All letters of reference for Eagle Scout candidates must be mailed directly to the Knox Trail Council Office.

Addressed to:

	"Viking District Eagle Board of Review"
	Knox Trail Council
	2 Mt. Royal Avenue, Suite 100
	Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752


If you are in the Liberty or Tri-River District :

Ask your Troop Advancement Chairman who to have the letters sent to.




The final letter you are required to get is a "Letter of Completion" from the representative of the organization where you did your project. This letter should be turned in with your Eagle Application and final report, not mailed to the council as the other letters.



Do not wait until the last minute to ask for the letters.