Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parents of Scouts, The Troop Committee recently decided to restrict cell phone use at troop meetings, hikes, overnights, and summer camp. The reasons for this include:
  1. Disruptions during group time.
  2. Difficulty disengaging from the pressures of life at home/school.
  3. Interruptions to the process of becoming an independent person (no longer dependent on parents).
  4. Disruption to the silence and serenity of the great outdoors.
  5. If a Scout is not feeling well or is homesick, etc., John and the Troop leadership need to know so they can work to resolve the issue.
Please ask Scouts to keep cell phones at home on Troop Meeting night. If cell phones are sent on trips they will be kept in the car your child traveled in. In the event of an emergency, contact numbers are always provided on the equipment page. Your son will never be prevented from calling you if he needs to. He can ask John for access to a phone, as the adults will have phones with them. In this way, John can stay informed and continue to take care of our Scouts. The one exception to the cell phone restriction is the monthly planning meeting as many of the boys need to call for a ride home when the meeting adjourns. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions, feel free to contact us and/or John. Mary Beth Crane and Jan Anthos