Scouting for Food 2013 - Save the Date

In cooperation with the Wellesley Food Pantry, Wellesley Brownies, Daisies, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are participating in the annual National Good Turn, "Scouting for Food." All food they collect will benefit the Wellesley Food Pantry, currently serving over 210 Wellesley households. Residents are asked to fill the plastic Roche Brothers bags dropped at their houses the previous weekend and leave them in a location that is visible from the street before 9 AM on 11/2. Donations may also be brought directly to the Food Pantry. And pleaseā€”no glass, perishables, candy or expired food. For more information, see the "Scouting for Food" web pages at or contact the Food Pantry at 781-235-1188.