Kick-off Meeting for 2014-2015 (Tuesday!)

Tuesday, September 2

Please bring these completed forms on Tuesday:

  • 2014 – 2015 – Scout & Parent Participation Sheet
  • Annual Permission & Hold Harmless Form
  • 2014 – 2015 Troop Code of Conduct – this has some changes made by the PLC on August 27
  • Medical Form – (if your son attended Resolute of Philmont this summer I DO NOT need another copy) – this does not need to be signed by the doctor. I carry these at meetings and on trips.
  • Information on the Troop Dues
  • Saco River – Permission Slip & Equipment list (permission slip is due on Tuesday)
  • Nantucket Bike Trip – Permission Slip & Equipment List

Please bring your calendar and checkbook to the meeting.

Please check your garage, basement, sheds, car trunks, etc. for missing Troop equipment. I know we are at least missing tents, 2-burner stoves and 2 Dutch ovens (one is a 14” oven in a blue cordura nylon carrying case, the other is a 12” possibly in a grey case – but I think it is not in a carry case. (the 2 ovens alone are worth close to $300) Thanks.

Troop 185 Code of Conduct.pdf135.67 KB
Permission & Hold Harmless - 2014.pdf499.34 KB
MedicalFormResolute.pdf617.38 KB
2014 - 2015 Scout & Parent Participation Sheet.pdf31.54 KB
Troop 185 dues.pdf76.61 KB