A Message from the Scout Executive

Scouting volunteers in the Knox Trail Council recently received the following letter from the Scout Executive, Matthew J. Budz:

October 3, 2013

Greetings Scouters,

Hope this note finds you well and in great Scouting spirit.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of canoeing the Saco River up in Maine with my son's troop and a troop out of Wellesley. What a great experience for all of the scouts and leaders, all 60 of us!

We had two beautiful days on the river minus a very brief period of rain which couldn't dampen the spirit of our group.

It kind of reminded me of the national Jamboree but at a much smaller scale. We had Scouts from different areas coming together to enjoy a shared experience. Over the weekend new friendships were formed, new ideas shared, and our troop leadership realized that steak skewers over a campfire looked a lot more appetizing than spaghetti in a pot. That Wellesley troop can cook.

After completing our 12 mile journey over two days I reflected back on the weekend on the ride home. I came to the conclusion that the secret to our success is simple "Great leaders providing a great program drive membership". Kids join Scouting to experience the adventure, to meet new friends........to have fun.

So as we start up another program year let us not forget to enjoy the adventure, to meet new friends and most importantly have fun!

Scouting is alive and well in Knox Trail Council.

See you on the trail,


Matthew J. Budz
Scout Executive/CEO