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Friday–Sunday, March 911

Wreath Sale 2017

All members of the Troop are expected to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the Troop. All Scouts should be out trying their best to sell wreaths. This is what makes our major income – not the tree sale or dues.

For the 2017 Wreath Sale, we will use the same system as last year for entering orders on the troop's web site. All your orders from last year have been saved, and you will not have to re-type them.

Venture Crew 42

The long awaited activation of our Venture Crew has arrived!

Crew 42 Wellesley has had a long association with Troop 185, dating back to 1994. We have traveled to Alaska, the Florida Keys, Texas and Yellowstone National Park.

Venturing is the 14 (or 8th grade) to 20 year old co-ed division of the BSA. Crews elect a president and officers and plan their own activities under the guidance and supervision of adult advisors.

First Troop Meeting for 2011-2012

Monday, August 29

This year this meeting will again involve both Scouts and parents.  We expect at least one parent from each family to attend with their son, and bring your calendar & checkbooks with you.

Please see the attached letter.  Among other things, it explains what forms we would like you to bring to the meeting.

The Saco River trip will be from September 9 to 11.  If you plan to go, please bring the permission slip with you to the meeting today.

Web Site Updates

The web site is getting ready for the new school year.  You can see upcoming events (meetings, trips, etc.) at the bottom of this page, with a short version near the upper top of the page, and a complete list for the year at the Meetings page.  (Use the "Meetings" tab at the top of the page.)  You can get the equipment lists and permission slips, when available, from any of these locations.

Court of Honor and Barbeque

Monday, June 13


Italo-American Club on Oak Street

Barbeque Dinner from 6:30 to 7:30

Ceremony from 7:30 to 9:00 (approximate)

A-F:  Please bring 1 gallon of water

G-W:  Please bring dessert (cookies, bars, or fruit) to serve 6.

RSVP by Monday, June 6.  If you cannot come for supper, please respond "Ceremony Only."

A Month of Upcoming Events:

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