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Scout and Parent Surveys

Parents: Please fill out the Parent Interest Survey. Scouts and Parents: Please fill out the Trip Interest Form. If you have any problems with these forms, please ask the webmaster. TODO: THESE SURVEYS DO NOT YET EXIST ON THE NEW SITE!

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Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parents of Scouts, The Troop Committee recently decided to restrict cell phone use at troop meetings, hikes, overnights, and summer camp. The reasons for this include:
  1. Disruptions during group time.
  2. Difficulty disengaging from the pressures of life at home/school.
  3. Interruptions to the process of becoming an independent person (no longer dependent on parents).
  4. Disruption to the silence and serenity of the great outdoors.
  5. If a Scout is not feeling well or is homesick, etc., John and the Troop leadership need to know so they can work to resolve the issue.
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